The Huddle Foundation

The Henna Huddle Henna Conference was created to bring creative people together into an environment where they can learn, support, inspire and mix with each other creating a friend’s based network – The Henna Huddle.

Our ethos is not to measure the success of Henna Huddle in financial terms but how we bring people together and the spirit of the community that is then created.

Supporting upcoming talent is seen as an essential part of the community and our mission each year is to support new talent by inviting a person to the conference, free of charge, to not only share their vision but also to be supported at the founding point of their career.

If you know of a person that may benefit from the support of the Huddle Foundation then please email

The person needs to be UK based and be considered an amateur/young professional henna artist. A portfolio and/or social media gallery will be required plus contact details for the person to be considered.

Deadline for applications is 31st March each year.