Myrian Rivas

Myriam Rivas

I’m from Nicaragua. A small country of lakes and volcanoes, of flowers, marimbas, and fruits. For 13 years I have been working as a Specialist Archivist in Historical Documents. I feel proud to help to safeguard the memory of my country. My days go by keeping the past alive.

One of my passions is dancing. I used to dance Salsa Casino and Bellydance when I was a college student. I participated in many congresses and shows. Bellydance made me fall in love with the cultures of the Middle East and India. And that’s where I discovered henna.

Until then I had no ability to draw but I wanted to give it a try. What started out of curiosity became something else. Thanks to The Henna Page, YouTube, and Instagram, I learned about the history of henna, how to prepare the recipe and to draw using cones.

Since 2012, I have learned in a self-taught way and through a lot of discipline and dedication the use of natural dyes for body art. Dedicating all my free hours and sleepless nights to the shapes, the textures, and the colors. I love the magic of creating with plants.

It is a challenge to be an artist in my country but I am motivated by my colleagues in all corners of the world. I hope to contribute to the appreciation of this art through respect, study, and sharing. I feel very happy and honored to be part of this community.