Henna Huddle is committed to ensuring a safe environment for everyone at the conference. As restrictions change we will announce what is required early in November 2022.

If the UK Government issues a requirement that the event cannot be held due to COVID-19 then refunds or the option to roll-over the ticket until 2023 will be offered.

Refunds are in accordance to our terms and conditions and depending on how you purchased your ticket may be subject to non refundable processing fees.

This will be in accordance to the UK Government guidelines for events and conferences held indoors.

For example, if the guidelines states you can enter if fully vaccinated. Then no further requirement will be necessary to enter the conference. 

If the guidelines state if you are unvaccinated you are required to provide a negative lateral flow test then a test will be required each morning to present before entry to the conference.

Again, such entry requirements will be in accordance to the guidelines closer to the time and will be published by Henna Huddle early November 2022.

Only if the guidelines state you need to do so and exemptions may apply.

The Hilton has a safe hotel policy.

Each bedroom is deep cleaned and then sealed to ensure the occupant that nobody has entered the room after cleaning.

The Hilton also operates a non contact check-in and out option where you can download the app to your mobile device and use keyless entry to your hotel room.

The conference areas are kept clear and clean and hand sanitizing facilities are throughout all areas of the hotel.

The conference areas are reserved for our own use only.

Conference FAQ's

No. Our event insurance requires that we only use henna and jagua that has been mixed by a member of staff.

Anyone using their own cones will be asked to dispose of them immediately.

Please do not attempt to do this anyway. We will ask you to leave the conference.

No. We do not allow the sale of goods by anyone which includes private sales in the hotel rooms.

If anyone is caught breaching this rule they will be asked to cease or leave the conference.

Yes! Ask in our Facebook group and page or Instagram to see if other delegates would like to share a room.

Yes. But subject to availability please ensure you let us know if you will be driving to the venue.

The Hilton has provided us with a wide variety of lunch and break time snacks and drinks.

We have been assured that Halal, Vegan and Gluten free options will be available but please let us know if you have any specific requirements so that we can inform the hotel.

At the present time due to contractual arrangements we do not offer single or part day tickets for the conference. 

Therefore, if you can only participate for part of the conference then a 3-day ticket will still be required.

All tickets unless the conference is cancelled are non refundable.

If you have purchased a ticket and can no longer attend then you will need to sell the ticket and inform us of who has purchased it from you.

We suggest that you advertise this on our Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately not. Our contract with the conference hotel is per head. Inviting others even for a short time will incur costs so we are unable to have anyone visit the conference.

This may also break any COVID rules in place for track and trace.

No. But you may find it easier and more relaxing. 

The timetable will start early and have regular breaks between each class. Each day will conclude around 6-7 pm and then a social evening of henna chat and application will commence which often continues late into the evening.

The conference hotel is the Hilton T4, Heathrow Airport.

It is directly connected to the airport with a walkway straight into the hotel. 

If you are coming by car then put into the SAT NAV TW6 3AF which will take you straight to the hotel.

If you are coming by train then get a train to Heathrow Airport and then follow airport signs for hotels and Hilton Hotel.

Please note that you cannot walk along the road network at the airport.

Our team is currently full and we are not accepting any volunteer applications at this time.


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